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De Beauvoorder, Nanuk, Bleuzé Interfood & The Wasabi Company have been selected for the Golden Tavola awards

Discover the tastes and food trends of tomorrow?

De Beauvoorder, Nanuk, Bleuzé Interfood & The Wasabi Company have been selected for the Golden Tavola awards.

Every two years, the Golden Tavola competition rewards the most remarkable innovations in food and plays a significant part in determining what consumers will be eating and drinking in the future. This competition is held on the occasion of Tavola, the trade fair for fine food and delicatessen, which has been held in Kortrijk Xpo every 2 years since 1982. The fair gathers food professionals from retail, wholesalers, specialty stores and catering organisations from more than 30 countries. Because of the focus on premium food & drinks, the pure product experience and its 500 selected exhibitors from over 20 countries, Tavola is one of the best and high quality food fairs in Europe.

STRICT SELECTION with 2 rounds of judging by the jury
A professional jury of experienced buyers selected the participating products in 2 jury rounds to award the coveted Golden Tavola. The jury consists of leading buyers, managers from the world of gastronomy, advertising, product and brand development, and members of the trade press.

In the first round of the contest, at least 3 different buyers per product group and per sales channel assessed the innovative content of the products on the basis of a product argumentation and sample. After this initial screening of 123 products, 68 products competed for the prestigious Golden Tavola awards.

In the final round with tasting, all factors of the products or concepts were meticulously assessed with innovation as the guiding principle, but also criteria such as taste, packaging, marketing and sustainability.

For the final round 2020, Tavola was able to enlist the professional judgement and enthusiastic cooperation of:

Thierry Cattoir - Remarkable, Peter Coucquyt - Foodpairing, Dirk De Schrijver - DM&S, Bob De Waele – Aula, Geert Erard - Rob The Gourmets’ Market, Anne-Françoise Laurent -  Delitraiteur, Patrick Lauret - Koresto, Lukas Lindemans - Belgocatering, Christophe Mauroo - Van Wonterghem Catering, Pieter Meeuwesen - Sligro, Annick Mievis - Colruyt, Jonny Peeters - ISS Catering, Sven Van De Voorde - Delhaize, Katrien Vandezande - De Terrine, Eldrid Vindevogel – Cru


Food products arrive on our plates through a number of different channels. The criteria for how innovative these products are, differ according to the channel through which they are sold. For example, a supermarket has different requirements from a delicatessen or a catering company. The Golden Tavola competition takes this into account by dividing the entries into 4 different categories.


12 LAUREATES: 4 winners and 8 highly commended finalists
Consumers can expect to find some excellent, unique new products arriving via various channels: in delicatessen shops in the case of the Golden Tavola Delicatessen laureates, or via self-service supermarkets in the case of the Golden Tavola Retail. In addition, there are also products that are sold ready for use or to be further prepared in the food service sector (Golden Tavola Foodservice) and products that will be available through traditional outlets with personal service such as butchers, traiteurs or service counters at the supermarket (Golden Tavola Traiteur).

All products selected to go through to the second round will be on display in the central Rambla. This is the perfect starting point for visitors to discover the best new products at Tavola. In Hall 5, all the winning and highly commended products will be displayed. Visitors can taste them and vote for the one they consider to be the best. At the end of Tavola 2020, the product with the most votes will be awarded the Golden Tavola Public Prize.

The laureates of the Golden Tavola 2020 are:


Winner Golden Tavola Retail 2020:

Wasabi Vodka is British grain spirit distilled with fresh English wasabi, nothing else. The only vodka made with real English Wasabi.
Tasting notes: a long-lasting character examination of the essence of fresh wasabi. Bold brassica flavours of mustard and radish brood enticingly under the sweetness and light of the volatile fire of wasabi as it rises, shines and ascends to the nose with high notes of star anise and pepper.


Further info: The Wasabi Company – Dorchester (UK) – stand 419
Tel +44 (0)1929 463824 – -


Runner-up Golden Tavola Retail 2020: Natural Vegan – VAN KOOLEN/DELIVA


A nice cooperation between the companies Van Koolen and Deliva that responds to the vegan trend of the moment. This vegan product is not a copy meat product but is based on 'fungi'. The products are made from home-grown vegetables of the Koolen family and will unconsciously increase vegetable consumption in a tasty and recognizable way.

Further info: Deliva NV – Genk - stand 6110
Tel: +32 (0) 89 62 93 00 –


2nd nominee Golden Tavola Retail 2020 (ex-aequo): Frutastic Veggie Powders - FRUBERO



These freeze-dried vegetable powders meet the concrete needs of today's consumers: convenience, easy to use products, healthy, clean label, long shelf life and also sustainable: the product has a shelf life of 1 year, much longer than fresh food. This is the first time that freeze-dried vegetable powders are marketed in consumer packaging on the Benelux market. In addition, there are many possible applications including puree, bread and smoothies.

Further info: Frubero BVBA - Gullegem – stand 417D
Tel +32(0)472 17 51 54 - -



2nd nominee Golden Tavola Retail 2020 (ex-aequo): Apple Chips - FRUITLAYER


A unique drying process results in crisp, tasty apple slices, while maintaining the colour and vitamin content of the product. No additives are used, making it a 100% natural product.

Fruit Layer is a young company specialising in the production of apple crisps based on Greenstar and Jonagold apples. By using only Belgian ground apples, they reduce the ecological footprint. This healthy snack is the ideal snack at home, at work, at school or on the move. The resealable packaging allows you to enjoy the crisps at any time of day.

Further info: Fruit Layer – Asse - stand 579E
Tel +32(0)14 39 30 50 – - 


Winner Golden Tavola Delicatessens 2020:
Sea Arch alcohol-free gin – BLEUZÉ INTERFOOD

Sea Arch is an alcohol-free alternative to Gin. The botanicals provide all the taste of a good gin but without the alcohol.

Both the taste properties and appearance of this product are unique and offer a real alcohol-free alternative for gin lovers. Sea Arch clearly follows the trend towards low to non-alcohol consumption. During production, all 11 botanicals are distilled separately and in different ways in order to use the optimal extraction method for each botanical and to capture the most delicate flavours and components. Some are steamed, others infused and still others are distilled in a copper pot. Neutral grain alcohol is used which is then collected and reused to minimize waste.

Further info: Bleuzé interfood NV - Kontich – stand 178
Tel +32 (0)34 50 93 11 -

Runner-up Golden Tavola Delicatessens 2020: 
Pur Pain Bio Croustini - BIO BAKKERIJ DE TROG

Organic croustinis based on baguette wastes. In the spirit of “make waste great again”. The slices of roasted baguette are seasoned with olive oil and Mediterranean herbs of organic origin. 100% organic and packaged in an FSC resealable box made from recycled cardboard.

Further info: Bio Bakkerij De Trog - Ieper – stand 174
Tel +32 (0)57 48 54 19 - -




2nd nominee Golden Tavola Delicatessens 2020: Pili Nuts - JOKA


The most surprising nut on the market with the most vitamins. Pili nuts are rich buttery tasting nuts and available in 3 versions: Natural with Himalayan salt, Matcha and Cacao.

The Pili nuts originate from the Pili tree and are grown solely in the Philippines near the Mayon volcano. There are only 70,000 Pili trees and they cannot be cultivated in plantations, which makes this nut eligible for the "WILD CERTIFICATE". The large fruit, which is about the size of a small avocado, is picked by hand at a height of 25 meters. The stone is cut by hand to release the nut. The nuts are high in energy and contain many vitamins, which make them real super foods.

Further info: JOKA BVBA – Brugge – stand 541A, 541B, 578
Tel +32 (0)50 31 20 04-



Winner Golden Tavola Foodservice 2020:
Be Cuisine Vegan Chocomousse - NANUK



A real Belgian chocolate mousse without lactose, gluten, cholesterol,..., no allergens except soya.

A true innovation in the industrial-scale production of vegan mousses, particularly chocolate mousse.

Further info: NANUK NV – Moeskroen -  stand 487B

Tel +32(0) 56 48 18 00 –

Runner-up Golden Tavola Foodservice 2020: Tube - DIDESS

Unique - Simple - One ingredient
The tubes are unique by their simplicity, made from only one ingredient! Using a special innovative technique, these tubes can be made of all kinds of nuts, kernels and seeds. With the specific choice not to add any flavourings such as salt, herbs or sugars, so you really get a 100% pure product. This makes the basic product more neutral in taste and gives the chef complete freedom to process his own flavours. An extra taste sensation can be added by misting the tubes with the enclosed oil, based on the same product. The tubes exist in 3 flavours: hazelnut, almond and pumpkin seed. In addition, the tubes meet all contemporary expectations of conscious food products: no additives, 100% natural, vegan, vegetarian, no added sugars, gluten free.
Chefs can use them in starters and main dishes as well as in desserts. Because of their cannelloni like shape they can be stuffed as well as used as decoration on different dishes.

Further info: Didess – Lille – stand 110
Tel +32 (0)14 55 35 20 -


2nd nominee Golden Tavola Foodservice 2020 (ex-aequo): Mini Falafel Burger - OVI

An all-vegetarian mini falafel burger. The first ready-to-use assembled vegetarian mini-burger appetizer on the market. This falafel mini-burger is made of noble products such as Parmesan cheese, wheat rolls and Emmental cheese. This one bite appetizer meets the wishes and expectations of vegetarians down to the smallest detail, such as cheese rennet of microbial culture instead of rennet of animal origin.
This mini burger has a diameter of 3.5 cm and a height of 3 cm and can easily be heated in the oven or microwave.

Further info: OVI – Olen – stand 276

Tel +32 (0)14 21 30 51 –


2nd nominee Golden Tavola Foodservice 2020 (ex-aequo): Pépites - BONDUELLE


Pépites will open up your world to serve tasty vegetarian food. A new conception of vegetables born from a combination of legumes and pure vegetables in 1 grain with no other additives than water. This product is gluten-free, rich in protein and carbohydrates and can be added to any kitchen. The possibilities are endless: from starter to dessert, from French to Asian cuisine. For its Pépites, Bonduelle selects only the best vegetables and legumes that are dried, ground into flour and mixed into vegetable dough with water, without other additives. From this vegetable dough, grains of different shapes are made and dried. Pépites are available in 3 kinds.


Further info: Bonduelle Northern Europe – Kortemark – stand 663A

Tel +31 (0)40 261 88 33 –

Winner Golden Tavola Traiteur 2020: 
Atelier Du Jardin Groentepaté – DE BEAUVOORDER



A range of vegetable pâtés made by "De Beauvoorder". Coarse in structure, punchy, but still smooth to spread. Faithful to the tradition of craftsmanship, prepared with fresh ingredients and according to traditional methods. Not a tapenade, not a dip, not a slice but a pâté. Intended for flexitarians in search of variation. Colourful and tasty in 4 recipes: green with spinach, pea and mint; red with beetroot, apple and raisin; yellow with mango, pumpkin and curry; orange with paprika, sun-dried tomato and feta cheese. No added sugars, no artificial colourings or flavour enhancers. Can be used as a spread, as an appetizer snack or as an ingredient in a salad or pasta.


Further info: De Beauvoorder – Veurne -  stand 629 - 638

Tel +32 (0)58 34 53 53 –


For further information about the Golden Tavola competition: Frédérique Leroy -+32(0) 56 24 11 39 –  

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