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Belberry Preserves, BelOrta, Kaasboerderij ‘t Groendal and Lambert J.L. Ets have been selected for the Golden Tavola awards. (WINNERS 2018)




Innovation in the food sector is at the heart of the Golden Tavola competition. 

But is there anything left to invent? Is there still scope for innovation in the food sector? The answer is an emphatic yes! New trends, an ever-changing society and consumers with changing food habits: all aspects that manufacturers are eager to take on board so as to meet their customers’ demands.

The Golden Tavola awards go to the best innovations in the food sector and play a significant part in determining what consumers will be eating and drinking in the future.
This competition is held on the occasion of Tavola, the trade fair for fine food and delicatessen, which has been held in Kortrijk Xpo every 2 years since 1982. This year, we are again expecting 17 000 professionals from the retail and wholesale sectors, specialist businesses and catering organizations from over 30 different countries at Tavola – the most beautiful food fair in continental Europe.

STRICT SELECTION with 2 rounds of judging by the jury

The Golden Tavola competition has 2 rounds. In the first, 3 different buyers judge the innovative content of the products on the basis of the argumentation and sample submitted. This is followed by a thorough evaluation and tasting whereby all aspects of the product or concept are examined in detail. This year, 104 products have been entered for the competition by 69 different producers. After the first screening, 59 products were selected to compete in the final round for the coveted Golden Tavola.

The jury for the final round is composed of buyers, managers from the world of gastronomy, advertising, product and brand development, and members of the trade press. They selected the winner of the Golden Tavola plus two highly commended products for each of the 4 categories. Taste is not the only criterion here; other factors such as innovation, packaging, marketing, environmental impact and sustainability are also be taken into consideration in the judging.

For the 2018 competition, Tavola was able to enlist the professional judgement and enthusiastic cooperation of: 

Food products arrive on our plates through a number of different channels. The criteria for how innovative these products are differ according to the channel through which they are sold. For example, a supermarket has different requirements from a delicatessen or a catering company. The Golden Tavola competition takes this into account by dividing the entries into 4 different categories.

13 LAUREATES: 4 winners and 9 highly commended finalists

Consumers can expect to find some excellent, unique new products arriving via various channels:

  • in delicatessen shops in the case of the Golden Tavola Delicatessen laureates,
  • via self-service supermarkets in the case of the Golden Tavola Retail,
  • in addition, there are also products that are sold ready for use or to be further prepared in the food service sector (Golden Tavola Foodservice), and 
  • products that will be available through traditional outlets with personal service such as butchers, traiteurs or service counters at the supermarket (Golden Tavola Traiteur).

All products selected to go through to the second round will be on display in the central Rambla. This is the perfect starting point for visitors to discover the best new products at Tavola. In Hall 5, all the winning and highly commended products will be displayed. Visitors can taste them and vote for the one they consider to be the best. At the end of Tavola 2018, the product with the most votes will be awarded the Golden Tavola Public Prize.

The laureates of the Golden Tavola 2018 are:

Winner Golden Tavola Retail 2018: Socca Chips - Lambert J.L. Ets.





Socca is a typical Mediterranean dish from Nice. Chef Luc Salsedo used this as the basis for his Socca Chips. They are made from chickpea flour, which gives them their unique flavour. With 100 % natural ingredients, they are gluten-free and vegan, which makes them a unique product for a variety of uses. 

Further info: Lambert J.L. Ets. – stand 151
Tel +32 (0)10 23 01 50 – - 


 1st nomination Golden Tavola Retail 2018: Vegan Root Veggie Bread Rolls – Desem  



Vegan fermented rye bread rolls with min. 35% vegetables, ready to toast. Fazer developed these rolls after international market research into the declining bread consumption among millennials. They are high fibre bread rolls with a high convenience factor. The rolls are available in 2 flavours: beetroot & carrot with 35% vegetables and carrot & parsnip with 38% vegetables. The 6% fermented wholemeal rye gives the rolls their full-bodied flavour and fibre content. The rolls are ready baked, pre-cut and presented in a handy, modified atmosphere packaging. All the consumer has to do is toast them. High quality convenience food.

Further info: Nordic Baking & Cooking, Destelbergen – stand 132
tel: +32 (0) 9 324 77 39 -

2nd nomination product Golden Tavola Retail 2018 (joint winner): Wood’n Wrap  



Innovative barbecue product with an extra taste sensationDelicious wrap with tender chicken & vegetables and world spices enclosed in a thin wooden jacket. An ancient method of cooking on an open wood fire adapted for modern gas and charcoal barbecues. The wood protects the wrap and ensures that the product stays tender and juicy. The heat makes the wood start to smoulder, which gives the wrap a delicate smoky flavour. The wrap consists of tender, juicy chicken strips, tasty spices and fresh vegetables wrapped in a savoury pancake. An appetizing sight both on the barbecue and your plate. Available in 3 international flavours: Italian, Mexican & Oriental.

Further info: Chicken Masters of Belgium – stand 4101
Tel +32(0)9 381 54 81-

2nd nomination Golden Tavola Retail 2018 (joint winner): Barbecue Hello Fish  



No more fish sticking to the BBQ!For the barbecue, fish is always at a disadvantage compared with meat. With these two innovations, consumers can also prepare delicious fish dishes on the barbecue. Better protection for the fish means that it can be cooked perfectly. The first product consists of 3 types of satés: fish saté wrapped in nori, courgette or smoked bacon. The second new product is the Wrap in Wood. The wooden wrap gives the fish time to cook slowly in the barbecue so that it loses nothing in the process. This product is available in 4 varieties. (Tortilla wrap – Salmon wrap – Cod wrap – Scampi wrap)

Further info: De Troyer – Oordegem
Tel +32(0)9 369 85 42 – -

Winner Golden Tavola Delicatessen 2018: Barista – Kaasboerderij ‘t Groendal 



This new type of cheese is the result of cooperation between ’t Groendal cheese farm and the Viva Sara coffee roasting company. Cheese makers often use ash because it forms a natural barrier against moulds and bacteria. A familiar example is ‘Morbier’ cheese. The unique feature of Barista cheese is that ground roast coffee is used instead of ash. This has the same barrier properties as ash but also gives the cheese a pleasant coffee flavour. The result is a semi-hard cheese with a subtle coffee aroma and a striking dark grey rind.

Further info: Kaasboerderij ’t Groendal - Rumbeke – stand 487-E
Tel +32 (0)51 200 586–

1st nomination Golden Tavola Delicatessen 2018 : Salt of Hearts by Camellia S


Less salt – more flavour!Salt, who doesn’t love it? But research has shown that most of us eat too much salt. Salt of Hearts has been created with this in mind. It is a natural flavour enhancer containing just 15% salt. Mill & Mortar worked with chef and food consultant Rasmus Bredal to develop this blend on the basis of neurogastronomic principles to satisfy both the brain and the palate. By intensifying the other basic taste elements: sweet, sour, bitter, umami and spicy, and finding the perfect balance, only a little salt is needed to enhance the flavour of the dish. Salt of Hearts is a 100% natural, organic blend based on salt (only 15%), sumac, toasted sesame seeds, coriander, sugar, seaweed, dried mushrooms and a dash of pepper.

Further info: Camellia S - Desselgem - stand 1148
Tel +32 (0)478 392 275 – -  


2nd nomination Golden Tavola Delicatessen 2018: : KUU Tube by KUU



Combining flavours is also an art form!

With KUU tubes, everyone can be creative at the table by selecting flavours to pimp their meal. Each tube contains a homemade jelly with a surprising or unusual taste or combination of tastes to turn mealtimes into a creative event. Use your hidden talents to make your own work of art for your taste buds, large or small. There are 5 KUU Tubes: blueberry and mint, cranberry and blueberry wine, elder blossom and vanilla, blueberry tea jelly, beer and bog myrtle jelly. The aluminium tubes are filled by hand with the greatest care and packed in a box together with an info leaflet. The reproduction of art work on the box link it to the design world and the art of creating flavour. The KUU tubes are completely airtight and light proof. This means that colour and taste can be guaranteed for longer, even after opening, giving them a longer shelf life. Easy to use, practical, hygienic and fully recyclable. Something that tastes good can also look good.

Further info: KUU – Beringen - stand 417-C
Tel +32 (0)11 23 03 10-


Winner Golden Tavola Foodservice 2018: Belberry Terrines Gourmandes by Belberry Préserves




The Belberry Terrines Gourmandes are delicious preserves made of fruit, onions, wine or wholegrain mustard. The terrines are easy to divide into cubes, slices, matchsticks or discs, perfect for adding the finishing touch to everything from cocktail canapes to desserts. Six unique flavours are available: Red Onion & Raspberry, Wild Lemon, Bitter Orange, Purple Fig, Sauternes Wine and Wholegrain Mustard. Within the foodservice sector, this product will be welcomed by culinary professionals and modern foodies.
At high-end retail outlets, the terrines will find a place in the chiller cabinet next to the cheese and dairy products, charcuterie and salads. Follow your creative spirit and add the finishing touch to all your dishes.

Further info: Belberry Preserves – Marke - stand 177
Tel +32(0) 56 220 560–

1st nomination Golden Tavola Foodservice 2018: Mini Croques in 3 flavours by Ovi 



Croque Monsieur as you’ve never seen it!

In the course of constant product innovation, Ovi has created these colourful and tasty variations based on the traditional croque monsieur. But the format, colours and flavours are completely new. 3 flavours: mini croque with salmon, mini croque with chorizo and a mini croque with chicken. A frozen product with a high convenience content. A new take on a classic snack. 

Further info: Ovi – Olen – stand 276
Tel +32 (0) 14 213 051-

2nd nomination  Golden Tavola Foodservice 2018: Natural cauliflower rice by Greenyard Frozen Belgium 



Cauliflower rice is an infinitely versatile, healthy alternative to rice. Light, full of flavour and low in carbohydrates! And cauliflower rice is also low-calorie, gluten-free, allergen-free and paleo diet friendly. Fresh frozen cauliflower rice makes it easier to eat more vegetables. Endless variations are possible: boil it like rice or couscous, use it to make risotto, a pizza base etc etc. Cauliflower rice is ready to use – timesaving and practical. It saves you the time and energy it would take to make cauliflower rice from scratch with fresh cauliflower. It is quick and easy to prepare. Moreover, this fresh frozen product will keep for a long time in the freezer and is easily portionable: you just take what you need and the rest can go back in the freezer. No wastage.

Further info: Greenyard Frozen Belgium – Westrozebeke – stand 114

Tel +32 (0)51 788 200 – -



Winner Golden Tavola Traiteur 2018: Friseline by BelOrta  



Friseline is the top new salad product.After crossing different varieties of endives naturally for 20 years, this new variety emerged. It is very different from the others, a frivolous-looking newcomer with a multitude of uses in all manner of dishes: to accompany an aperitief, carpaccio or cheese dish, in a salad or simply as a garnish to add some character to your platter. It is a fresh, crunchy vegetable and simple to prepare, which makes it even more attractive. This new type of lettuce has a beautiful yellow colour, crenated leaves and a fine flavour that is perfect for both everyday dishes and special occasions. Finally, Friseline will keep fresh for a long time, much like chicory. 

Further info: BelOrta – Sint Katelijne Waver - stand 116 
Tel +32 (0) 15 551 111 –


1st nomination Golden Tavola Catering 2018 Filet Salami by Guy Troch Import




Absolutely unique and innovative product from the province of Cremona (Italy) comprising a dried pork fillet encased in a salami sausage. The total production process takes 100 days and is performed manually in the traditional artisanal manner. This was originally developed as an bulk product over a period of 1 1/2 years as a long, cylindrical sausage for industrial slicing. The main problem was how to ensure that the filet was positioned centrally and throughout the whole length of the sausage. This problem has been solved and the product fine-tuned. The result is a homogenous, stable product that is really innovative and distinctive on the Belgian market. It is available presliced direct from the Italian manufacturer in barquettes of 80 – 100g, or sliced in Belgium. With its pure, mellow flavour, the combination of dried pork fillet and salami is a great new product.

Further info: Guy Troch Import – Wetteren – stand 612
Tel +32 (0)9 369 00 03–

2nd nomination Golden Tavola Catering 2018: Cornquet by Cornquet 



Cornquet : a newcomer in the range of starch products.Cornquet is a croquette made from sweet corn as an alternative to potato products, pasta and rice. Cornquet is gluten-free, which means that everyone can enjoy the same delicious product around the table. 3 flavours: Veneto, which refers back to its traditional origin; Fines Herbes, a croquette with fresh garden herbs; and Marrakech, with Ras-el-Hanout spices. We can also develop personalised croquette varieties for enterprises in the food sector. Cornquet can unleash an intense new taste experience! Cornquet is a frozen food product.

Further info: Cornquet – Waregem – stand 487-Y
tel: +32 (0) 479 38 25 90–

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