15, 16 & 17
MARCH 2026

Winner Golden Tavola Fine Foods self-service


Thai bouillon will give any dish an Asian twist in no time at all:
rice, noodle or wok dishes, soups, sauces, mussels, fish
casseroles, etc. This stock powder is unlike any other, as it is
extremely easy to use, versatile and very tasty. This product is
vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and contains no MSG.
The target audience is the home cooks who wants to bring
Thai flavours into their own kitchen in a very accessible and
affordable way.
Its creators deliberately made it not too spicy in order to
appeal to a wide audience. So lovers of spicy Thai cuisine will
have to add another spicy ingredient to their dish.

Info: Sublimix | Lommel – stand 283
T: +32 (0)11 54 76 45 - sublimix.be

First nomination Golden Tavola Fine Foods self-service


This is not ice cream but rather the world's first scoopable frozen cheesecake!
Packaged in convenient tubs and available in 3 different
flavours: Raspberry & Lemon / Butterscotch & Caramel /
Double Chocolate.
Freezecakes are not only a delicious alternative to ice
cream, but also a smart move that will boost the frozen
dessert category.

Info: Pleese-Galana / Beldessert | Waregem – stand 147
T: +32 (0)56 77 45 85 - mademoiselledesserts.com

Second nomination Golden Tavola Fine Foods self-service


This powdered protein substitute is a versatile and vegan
It is a 100% natural and vegan alternative to eggs or egg
whites that can be used in all sorts of dishes. And the
reason why it is 100% natural and vegan is because it is
made from chickpeas.
Compared to other protein substitutes, the Aquafaba
powder is also gluten-free and cholesterol-free.
Moreover, it contains no additives (no starches, gums,
colours or preservatives) and has a neutral taste.
Bartenders will find it super handy for creating a thin layer
of foam on top of a cocktail. But the powder can also be
useful for vegan cooks or people with an egg allergy.

Info: Botanica Spices | Lummen – stand 1112
T:+32 (0)473 80 51 42 - botanicaspices.be

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