15, 16 & 17
MARCH 2026

Winner Golden Tavola fine foods Foodservice


These small cakes are innovative desserts that should appeal to a wide audience.
In addition to the 15 existing vegan mousses, these 4 plant-based pastries were created in late 2023 based on
vegan mousse on top of vegan crumble.
A new twist for the dessert range > By 2030, there should
be a plant-based version of all dessert products

Info: Vecuisine – Nanuk | Moeskroen – stand 530b
T: +32(0)56 48 18 00 - vecuisine.be 

First Nomination Golden Tavola fine foods Foodservice


Tuna is overfished all over the world, but what makes
Balfego bluefin tuna sustainable is the specific capture
and farming methods.
Balfego is the only company in the world that fishes tuna
on demand when it reaches the ideal fat content, using a
unique tracking system.
They use a special extraction method that ensures top-quality, stress-free tuna for the world's best kitchens.
Not a single part of the tuna is thrown away. It is used
from tail to jaw. Even the eyes and heart, which have
been used in Asian cuisines for hundreds of years, are
now considered new ingredients in ours.
A pure, optimal taste is achieved through ideal fat content
and the tracking system, which is one of a kind in the

Info: Lobsterfish – Deerlijk / stand 155
T: +32 (0)56 70 24 00 - lobsterfish.be

Second Nomination Golden Tavola fine foods Foodservice 


If you do not drink alcohol, Buloo could very well become
your 'unguilty sparkling pleasure'. An elegantly bubbly
aperitif that will remind you of champagne, but with no
alcohol and few calories.
What we have here is a surprisingly refreshing
combination of kombucha, rooibos, lemon, cherry and
spices. A unique flavour, resulting from an artisanal, 100%
natural production process.

Info: Maanvallei – Brugge / stand 579b
T: +32 (0)473 49 59 66 - buloo-apero.be

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