15, 16 & 17
MARCH 2026

Winner Golden Tavola fine foods Delicatessens 


This mix of sea salt, fermented garlic, lemon zest powder
and garlic and onion flakes creates a truly amazing
explosion of flavour.
Not only does it add a unique umami flavour to your
dishes, but it also provides a quick and easy substitute
for chopped onion and garlic. Combine it with some olive
oil and you will get a fantastic rub for all your favourite
Why Funky Ouma? Innovative Packaging / Convenient for
on-the-go use / Its compact size makes it perfect for use
at the table, at home as well as in bars and restaurants
Functional AND 100% recyclable product.

Info: Funky Ouma / Ali-Import | Deinze - stand 609B
T : +32 (0)477 289 700 – ali-import.be

First nomination Golden Tavola fine foods Delicatessens 


This sugar-free, alcohol-free and flavourful drink can be
enjoyed straight up, as a shot, in the morning and before
every meal, but it also makes a great substitute for
unhealthy soft drinks.
Mix 1 part of Tea Vinegar with 4 parts of water, add some
ice, and there you have a delicious mocktail to go with
your meals and, if you add some mint and lemongrass, it
can also make a great ice tea too.
It can also be used as a secret ingredient in desserts to
provide a balanced sweet and sour experience.

Info: Atelier Roger & ꓭBody – Schilde / stand 690H
Tel: +32 (0)485 03 74 22 – teavinegar.eu

Second Nomination Golden Tavola fine foods Delicatessens 


Less is more: this product is made with only 1 ingredient,
namely the minimum amount of Camargue sea salt
No preservatives and completely clean label, it comes out
of the drying rooms in its natural shape, with no
additional processing involved. It is neither moulded nor
sprayed – just dry cured.
Angus cattle originate from Scotland. Later on, pioneers
imported them to the Wild West. And today, they are
farmed on several continents. This meat (produced in
America) from grain-fed Angus cattle is characterised by
its marbling and a delicate, full-bodied flavour.
Wagyu is originally a Japanese breed of cattle, known for
its exclusive and flavourful meat. 'Wa' is an ancient term
for Japan and 'gyu' means beef. The breed was imported
from mainland Asia by wealthy landowners around the
2nd century. A large number of breeds were created after
centuries of selective breeding, based on muscular
strength and endurance. Wagyu meat is highly 'marbled',
meaning it is finely interspersed with fat. Eating grass and
grain-rich feed gives Wagyu meat its typical flavour.
Products for high-end gastronomy.

Info: Ganda Fine Foods – Destelbergen / stand 610
T: +32 (0)470 62 19 87 - ganda.be

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