17, 18 & 19
MARCH 2024

The Golden Tavola competition 2022

The Golden Tavola competition awards the best innovations in the food industry and helps determine what will be on the consumer’s plate or in their glass tomorrow.  The best innovations with a strong commercial potential are rewarded in 4 categories:

  • Golden Tavola Retail: products for self-service
  • Golden Tavola Traiteur / Traditional Service: products for traditional service
  • Golden Tavola Foodservice: products for catering organizations
  • Golden Tavola Delicatessens: products for delicatessens and specialist stores

The contest will also be held in 2024 - winners will be announced after 5th March. As an exhibitor you can participate via the exhibitor portal. 

Golden Tavola Retail 2022 + Public Choice Award

View the winner + nominees

Golden Tavola Delicatessens 2022

View the winner + nominees

Golden Tavola Foodservice 2022

View the winner + nominees

Golden Tavola Traditional Service 2022

View the winner + nominees

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