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Kielecki Mayonnaise

Kielecki Mayonnaise is the first commercially produced mayonnaise in Poland. Included in Społem’s product offer since 1959, for over 55 years it has satisfying consumers with its ideal proportions of the highest quality ingredients, distinctive flavour and perfect consistency. Kielecki contains no preservatives , flavour enhancers, thickeners or artificial flavouring.

Plenty of novelties and Benelux premieres in Hall 5 on the JOKA stand...

Lanterna : the true Italian flavour and authentic tradition

3 new Villa's in the series herbed cheese made of raw milk

The Villa assortment of herbed cheese made of raw cow’s milk is really special. Each cheese has its own melange of herbs, resulting in an artisanal cheese with a unique and strong taste. Cheeses are made in the Netherlands on local farms of raw milk of the farmer’s own cows. This true ‘farmhouse flavour’ can vary a little with each season. Just as mother nature intended. A variety of 14 different Villas is available. Today three new Villa's are available: Villa Jardin, Villa Moutarde and Villa Ortica.

Gran Gusto new range of fine Italian meat products

Buskowianka-Zdrój – natural mineral water

The most significant resources of Health Resort Busko-Zdrój are sulphide water, iodine brine, mud and ”Buskowianka-Zdrój” – natural mineral water bottled since 1960. This mineral water is facilitates excretion of heavy metals, prevents tiredness and perfectly quenches your thirst.

NEW Geitenstee Dutch Goat Cheese

Geitenstee is a new goat cheese. This cheese, made of 100% goat’s milk, has a pure and riche taste. Made in the Netherlands by The Mèkkerstee in Ouddorp. Thanks to its special recipe and traditional cheese making process an artisanal Gouda cheese is made with an unique flavour. Geitenstee is available in three variants: Fenugreek, Honey Clover and Italian Herbs.

Belberry Royal Luxury Preserves

Culti "a global idea, a world of tastes"

World first concept based on 5 : meat, fish, vegan, vegetarian and dessert.

New: gaspack bio-Finntoast on booth 2112 Nordic Baking & Cooking

Bio-Energy, Organic Herbal Tea - THE HERBS

Bio - Energy is an excellent, organic herbal tea, composed of 12 types of plants that will help you eliminate the feeling of fatigue, will give you the energy and joy of life after physical or mental exhaustion. This tea is very rich in minerals and vitamins.

Sardines with extra virgin oil and Piment d'Espelette AOP

Mushrooms in Ecopouch®

Mushrooms in Ecopouch® combine the best of fresh and preserved mushrooms: shelf stable mushrooms in pouch packaging with long shelf life ánd fresh taste and texture.

Ten Acre Chips & Pop Corn Free From Plus

Ten Acre new English Pop Corn Chips brand and Handcooked was positioned in the PLUS FREEFROM Free from: gluten, lactose, soy and GMO, vegan, kosher and halal certified! More: Best taste in its category in 2015 in England A brand that is therefore suitable for all consumers!

Wagyu Bresaola

Wagyu Bresaola With the exceptional qualities of the Wagyu cow resulted in a Wagyu Bresaola. A hearty, gastronomic flavour with a sturdy, yet not overpowering aftertaste.

Parship juice Organic

Broeder Jacob Cheese

Visit us at our booth for a unique foodpairing between our exclusive beers and our Vintage Port with our Broeder Jacob cheese.


Eat our Shrimp Croquettes with 40% schrimps


freezer luxury spreads

Selelktmeat has four luxury spread types marketed under the brand name Fortuna. Spread species that now are reachable by any restaurant or deli. It comes to the types of Beef Carpaccio, roast beef, Vitello and smoked salmon. Frozen in a box of 1 kg. A box contains 4 packs with each 5 servings of 50 grams. These are each take out and to thaw.

The debut off "Monarti" to TAVOLA 2016

Monarti - Artisan productions

Il Casolare Olive Oil from the very wellknown Italian producer Farchioni

Lammens Poultry



DAVIGEL, for good qualityfood

fresh bearnaise

Organic Stocks

Belfond, the specialist in stocks, presents a range of organic stocks at Tavola Xpo

Organic, pure Iberian acorn-fed ham from the “Manchado de Jabugo” Iberian pig variety

Going against current trends, the family business "Dehesa Maladúa" has pushed the boundaries of excellence in the genuinely “pata negra” Iberian ham trade with a double challenge: having a certified organic production, and recovering the "Manchado de Jabugo ", a variety of Iberian pig on the edge of extinction.

Smoked Ham Centre Montagne Noire

Mardouw Oil of Olive from South Africa

Did you know that olive oil is only Extra Virgin when the acid content is below 0,8% and the peroxide value less than 20? Mardouw Oil of Olive is proud to guarantee that we comfortably meet these standards.

Unique Hand Made Mediterranean Bread Products!

You can admire the unique hand made Mediterranean bread products of Boboli at TAVOLA 2016!


T-Cake... Deliciously Authentic

T-CAKE : A new, savoury star is born ! A new name and focus for Group Teugels.

B.G.P. Bubbles for Great Pleasure

At Tavola, you will be able to discover the latest creations of our domain: Philippe Le Noble

Rediscover the taste of pork with BRASVAR

Rediscover the quality of pork with BRASVAR, pigs with class, and earn again money with pure pork. Come to our booth at Tavola and taste the rich flavor of the pork Brasvar. No lobster, no venison, no oyster stew but purely BRASVAR meat !! Do you also want quality pork in your store? BRASVAR is the best!!

Funny Cocktail without alcohol Coco Ananas

New: Mucho Gazpacho

Mucho Gazpacho is a tasty and refreshing summerbeverage and is introduced in the Benelux by Import Life Is A Pintxo, Iberico delicatessen (stand 5111D). Real Spanish gazpacho from fresh vegetables in little bottles: healthy, and ready to drink.

Dried Jack fruit organic

Dolci Baci, tastefully contemporary concept

High quality gluten-free mini cakes on the basis of almond, ideal for receiving guests or ideal sales topper at delis, coffee/tea bars/company's

Greek Style yogurt

This Greek style set yogurt has an exquisitely subtle flavour and the right degree of consistency because we use the production process that allows the yoghurt to ripen in the pot. We add some fresh cream, that makes the yogurt delightfully smooth and full of flavour.

Belgian Saffron

Pure Belgian saffron, organically grown and hand-harvested in the Antwerp region.

Meat products

The best of


No food to waste

Nougat with typical Belgian "Cassonade de Candi", by FELIZ

At Snoep our FELIZ nougat is prepared according to the arts of the ancient craft, in cauldrons over an open fire. This handwork enables us to proceed in small batches, enhancing flexibility and a creative approach as to the ingredients and recipes.


Charcuterie - poultry


Roasted coconut organic

Crok'Apero au Beurre des prés

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Pur Natur low-fat stirred yogurt

Pur Natur launches 4 new references low-fat yogurt in the unique glass packaging in the following flavours: natural in 500g and 150g, blueberry and apricot in 150g.


Spreadable specialities with foie gras

Raw Snacks

Clean fuel for the body


Kindziuk - Legend of the original Kindziuk dates back to ancient history. Produced through the traditional recipes, from generations it is synonymous with exquisite taste. A method of preserving meat by ripening and drying had been known for a long time in the areas of Podlasie. Also, production of cured meats using this process appears to be older than preparing them through steaming or just smoking.

Pauwels, delicious sauces!

Pasta makarony Polskie

Wide variety of pasta, manufactured with or without eggs, such as: spirals, elbows, threads, shells, spaghetti, ribbons, etc. For our production only the highest quality flour is used, made from carefully selected durum and standard wheat.

Bairille – honey distillate

Carefully prepared production process allows to achieve this unique taste. Polish oak wood, in which this alcohol is aged for three years, contributes to its character. Wonderful amber colour, balanced taste and distinct honey aroma closed in this elegant bottle is the essence of good taste for each whisky and cognac connoisseur.


Puff pastry sheets with print, frozen

Italian Piadine

From now on wholesaler Exquisito supplies also some delicacies in bulk!

New at Oliva BV

Beside our assortment Tapas, as Olives, Sweetpeppers, dried tomatoes,we have many nice new products we would like to present at the Tavola. We have a new dipper called KwaQmole with fresh avocado.

new : Brugge Dentelle Caractère

Gold Awarded at New York - "Doleon Premium" Greek Extra Virgin Olive OIl

Taste a Gold Awarded olive oil! We are waiting for you at our stand 401K to taste our Gold Awarded "Doleon Premium" Greek Virgin Olive OIl which is produced from our family's olive trees in Kalamata! Furthermore, you can taste our gourmet condiments, "Doleon Premium" extra virgin olive oil with different essential oils, different kind of olives and balsamic vinegar as well. It will be a great tasting experience!

Greek Gourmet Delicacies & Wines by OLKAS

OLKAS will present a great variety of deli products from different areas of Greece.

Organic persimmon fruit from Dutch Cranberry Group BV

Organic persimmon fruit of a very high quality and with a perfect taste.

Paté st-Bernardus ABT

Jerseyhoeve Dieken wins the title: Reserve Surpreme Champion' at the International Cheese Awards 2016

At world’s largest cheese contest the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich UK, Jerseyhoeve Dieken won the title: Reserve Surpreme Champion out of 4615 entries. In the category ‘organic cheese’ Jerseyhoeve won at first a gold award. It also won the out of all overseas entries the: Overseas Champion Award and at last, out of the best cheeses of the world it became second best winning the title: Reserve Surpreme Champion. A beautiful performance for this Jersey cheese made of 100% organic Jerseymilk.

Crok'Apero a la crème de Camembert et persil


We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Grill-Roll Spiessbraten and we celebrate this with the development of a new Lafiness Marinade based on this classic.

Palcówka - Traditional dried pork sausage

Traditional dried pork sausage in the small intestine, prepared with raw pork with spices which is cured and then slightly dried for a long time. As a result, it has a unique flavor and aroma.

Blueberry and haskap berry fruits

Polskie Borówki LTD is a grower, trader and processor. We are offer blueberry and haskap berry fruits. Fresh, frozen and dried. Assemblies in accordance with the order. Organic or conventional. We are also offer plants ( all available on the market varieties ). In our offer you can also find cold pressed juices.

Pizza Alla Romana Patate Al Tartufo

A Sweet Date - Or Tea?

Frontieren Cheese

Simple starters with Bayonne Ham presented by Christian Etchebest

Discover how to prepare simple starters with Bayonne Ham on the newly launched Bayonne Ham YouTube Channel

Premium range Loos 50 cl Vodka - Genever - Gin

Burrata Murgella

A fried THE MAP

2ND FAMILY MEALS microwaveable THE fried

organic preserves

V&S Foodspecialist - Falafun - Le Boucher Végétarien


“THE RIGHT STUFF Sprl” is a new company, established in Brussels in 2015, manufacturing a range of artisanal products, having beer and beer malt as basic production ingredient. It will launch for the first time in TAVOLA 2016 its original series of "BELGA BLUE" beers full of Mediterranean flavours –"THE BREWER'S MUSTARD" fresh and aromatic, made of mustard seeds and beer malt –" THE BREWER'S CHOICE VINEGAR" made from beer malt. We shall be glad to explain our concept and show you our products.

papaya juice


A wonderful Assortment gluten free cookies and cakes stay ready for next week to taste Handmade in Belgium Let enjoy the full Family

Beer Górka Sobotka 12

Beer Gorka Sobotka 12 - it is a traditional lager beer and is produced in the smallest craft brewery of Poland. This beer is entirely hand made (starting with the hopping, then by bottling and ending with labeling) using traditional brewing methods (decoction method). Manufactured only with malt and hops unprocessed. Aged during 2 months and then subject to second fermentation in bottles.

Lisimo Organic

TINY peppers

Brazilian "sweet little peak peppers" *AMBIENT*

Foodpairing: delicious combinations

Buri Beri - Delicious 100% fruit snack for everyday! For everyone!

• 100% natural ingredients • 100% organic • Made in low temperatures to preserve nutrition (below 42 degrees of Celsius) • Delicious fresh flavor • No added sugar or sweeteners • Absolutely free of gluten, milk, eggs, soy or artificial additives • Support your daily vitamins intake • Made from fresh and whole fruits. Buri Beri is a new and innovative product developed as typical impulse product. It is 100% natural and organic and special production technology, not exceeding 42 degrees of Celsius, makes it full of vitamins and other nutrition. Dedicated to everyone: child and adult, men and women. To have it as a snack. To take it in your bag or pocket. To have it anytime anywhere and thanks to its unique structure you will enjoy it for long time.

Vegabites goes wild

Weydeland Jong Belegen wins title: ‘Best Dutch Gouda Cheese´ at the Holland Kaaskeuring

Weydeland Jong Belegen (Mild) won the title ´Best Dutch Gouda Cheese´ at the Holland Kaaskeuring in September 2015. In the category Mild Gouda Cheese, the cheese won GOLD and the title: Best Dutch Gouda Cheese.