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Take an old fashioned product, put a little bit of rock'n roll inside and upgrade it into something extraordinary! 

Pearls Oleoalmanzora Premium

Oleoalmanzora is a Family owned olive oil company which for many generations has passed on the knowledge and values of the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Grilled Ham in the bone with herbs

Piglet ham, portionned, treated in salting, cooked at the right temperature then roasted with its herbs.


Take an old fashioned product, put a little bit of rock'n roll inside and upgrade it into something extraordinary!

Mirelys, the new alcoholic sparkling drink

Gin Piger Henricus

Les Subversifs

“Belberry Terrines Gourmandes” Seville Orange

“Belberry Terrines Gourmandes”, an innovative concept based on fruit, vegetables, wine or mustard, that will ensure the finishing touch to all your culinary creations.

Italian Panettone with Belgian beers - premiere during la Tavola 2018

Discover the unique mix of the Italian panettone with Belgian beers ! Panettone alla Kriek Lindemans is a sweet panettone where we added the cherry beer of Lindemans and candied Amarena cherries. Panettone alle birra ambrata ' r10 ' is a salty panettone with the abbey Rochefort 10° beer. Born out of the culinary encounter of Italian maestro Mauro Morandin (Aosta) and an italo-freak from Overijse. To taste in world premiere at the POPPEIA bvba booth 4207B. Buona degustazione !

Flavoured sugar

We decided to sell our flavored sugars. These can be used for cotton candy but not only! They will be able to be used in any sweet preparation! Directly in the preparation or on it. Available tastes are the same as our popcorn, "alcoholic" included!

Turkey Breast

ALLIANCE GOURMANDE- First-class help in the kitchen

SHARING & SOCIAL INTERACTION Emergence of new consumer trends taken up by guests (sharing plates, tapas, etc.) DIFFERENTIATION & ADDED VALUE Readiness to stand out from the crowd by moving upmarket with a selection of raw aterials to which value can be added SPEED, SIMPLICITY & CREATIVITY Demand for products that are easy to useand suitable for multiple dishes

Volys Star is an innovative specialist in high quality turkey and chicken products.

The supreme black cherry basque cake

The supreme black cherry basque cake : A spoonful of Basque Country flavors!

BeppeDeli, together with Seggiano, real food from Italy Hall 6 / 690J

BeppeDeli, import/distribution/wholesale food specialities, presents itself for the first time at Tavola, together with Seggiano, real food from Italy. Through our b2b webshop is a wide assortment products available , both for Holland and Belgium. Of course we also offer Geels coffee and tea,; Geels will be also represented at the fair

Wild blueberry Aperitif Wine

Domaine Le Cageot

The teabags Infusions-Thés laGrange

Certaines recettes de la tisanerie laGrange sont désormais disponibles en Sachet surembalés. Des infusions & des thés, pour le matin ou pour le soir, classiques et atypiques... Dans un emballage et une boite "made in France"...

Apero chips grana padano, Apero chips pesto

3 family owned companies in fine meat Dried sausage, Salted goods (bacon) and meat loaf and cooked goods Our strengths : -Quality -Innovation -Flexibility

“Belberry Terrines Gourmandes” Purple Fig

“Belberry Terrines Gourmandes”, an innovative concept based on fruit, vegetables, wine or mustard, that will ensure the finishing touch to all your culinary creations.

Pure Nature Vegan Chocolates & Bonbons

Pure Nature Chocolates offers lactose-free, vegan bonbons with a wide variety of flavours; our inspiration goes a lot further than what the market is currently offering.


New premium salads


Vermouth, Brandy & Gin

Domaine Lafrance



Launching of a new squeezer 450g Maple Syrup Maple Joe by Famille Michaud Apiculteurs


Brutti e Buoni - Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana

POPPEIA Cibi Italiani con passione

Balsamic Vinegar in a ball to grate

Aloe Vera ( Organic )

A wide Organic selection of beverage from Aloe Vera leaves ( 90% ) Aloe Vera grows in Andalucia South of Spain. Meet also a range of dry food for breakfast and cooking .

Maple water

Les Eaux d'érable Wahta Inc.

Carft beer

Les Brasseurs de Montebello

Natural ginger beverage

Breuvages Gingo Inc.

NEW: handmade in Belgium cookies in a fun packaging

NEW Weydeland O.C. en V.S.O.C.

‘Unique old cheese’ as Weydeland O.C. (Old Cheese) and Weydeland V.S.O.C. (Very Superior Old Cheese) are called. These cheeses are made by combining knowledge of the best cheese makers of CONO and the expertise of Treur Kaas in maturing cheese. Result is a cheese that exceed all expectations.

Gran Reserva Extra Mature Raw Sheep’s Milk Cheese



Organic Marmelades

Olives Taggiasca

New snack for the European market!

Rooted introduces healthy eastern foods to a western audience. Their products are rooted in tradition and adapted for the new age! Lotus seeds, also known as fox nuts, have been consumed in the Indian subcontinent for over 3000 years.


Artist in Residence

Breydel goes bio

À Tavola Breydel présente pour la première fois son Jambon Breydel BIO.

Nordic trends in bakery.

Nordic Baking & Cooking is the Benelux reference in importing frozen bakery products from the Nordics.

iSens organic flavored maple syrups

New look, new flavors! Discover or revisit iSens organic flavored maple syrups, made with 100% pure maple and natural flavors. Earl Grey Tea and Coffee flavors are now available!

IPA Sherry Cask Beer

LODYN! Discover our history

Thanks to the care of our goats with a 100% natural diet, they produce milk rich in omega 3 and antioxidants. A project of more than 15 years of research and development on animal care to produce healthier dairy products for people.

Homemade ravioli - Tradition and Veggie

Gino Alongi presents its new assortment of ravioli in various shapes and colors packaged in ultra fresh trays.


Design award for crumbled minced meat

HIGHLY WELCOME PRODUCT FOR FOODSERVICE AND RETAIL The crumbled minced meat from Dekeyzer-Ossaer is an excellent product for creative consumers and flexible catering chefs. “This unique product allows retailers to respond to the growing demand for convenience products and meal components. After all, consumers want cooking to be quick and easy without sacrificing creativity. With crumbled minced meat, you always have fresh minced meat at hand, you can quickly prepare a meal, you throw away less food and you still have freedom of choice in your cooking”, says business manager Johan Dekeyzer. On top of that, the crumbled minced meat has a shelf life of eight to ten months.

Sablé Breton Bakery

High quality pie crust for your creations, more and more people are discovering the real taste of a sablé breton. New we are launching the sablé breton chocolate, come taste and see for yourself at booth 487-C village Gourmet.


Pizza Al Taglio

Truffle mill


Pur Natur soft cheeses

A new addition to your cheese board: the tasty cheeses of Pur Natur: Pur Natur Fleurie and Pur Natur Greek style.


Start your day with FLOOM!

Have you always been dreaming of a healthy breakfast or snack that tastes as if you made it yourself but doesn’t require any effort?

Salmon Marmelade JCG Cooking

Salmon Marmelade is a handmade tasteful marinade based on Gin and fresh herbs to marinate raw salmon.

“Belberry Terrines Gourmandes” Wild Lemon

“Belberry Terrines Gourmandes”, an innovative concept based on fruit, vegetables, wine or mustard, that will ensure the finishing touch to all your culinary creations.

Original lamb burger or kebab with a MIddle East twist

The new complete Evlier Lamb mix is ideal to create a lamb burger or a kebab with a twist of the Middle East.


Water of Velleminfroy - glass bottles

The glass bottle was born in January 2018. It exists in two versions like her big sister in plastic - still water and sparkling water. The volume is 0.75l. Velleminfroy retains its qualities and its virtues in the sublime design intended for hotels and restaurants representing the French gastronomy.

Agropošta cordials in your cocktails!

Did you know that Agropošta cordials are extremely suitable to make the best cocktails with? That's why we're participating (or rather floating around the Amsterdam canals) in the Amsterdam Cocktail Week!



Camembert di Bufala

Tartaat: a handmade herbal paste for steak tartare

Tartaat contains, capers, pickles, Worcester sauce, onions, ... and allows you to easily prepare an original steak tartare in seconds! Add beef and an egg yolk and your steak tartare is ready to consume.

GREGA, Belgian ham maker by excellence !

GREGA, Belgian producer of cooked and dried hams

MILLET BIO with honey and blackcurrant juice concentrate with BLACKCURRANT; Puffed QUINOA BIO

Gluten-free 120 g Recommended serving and application: • addition to yogurts • supplement to muesli • addition to salads Nutritional value: • source of dietary fibre • source of iron • rich in phosphorus • contains natural sugars • reduced salt content • no added sugar

Acai Juice Organic


Brien BIO Collection

Organic maple syrup, maple spread, maple flakes and maple soft candies: Brien introduces its collection of delightful maple treats designed with nature in mind.



aloe vera syrup


Armenian wine and spirits

Seven flavours in a row

Nougat Vital's deliciously soft nougat.

New to the hospitality industry: The Mini Chocolate Poppy

Are you a distributor specialized in supplying the hospitality industry? Then the following article might interest you: The Mini Chocolate Poppy.

Chicken bloc paté 100 % CHICKEN with a border of chicken fillet


La Princesa Foods - Your wholesaler in Spanish meats!!

La Princesa Foods - Your wholesaler in Spanish meats!!

Les Brasseurs de Montebello: Craft Beer

Ambassadors of Fine Meat hal 2 stand 271

Gaulos Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a gastronomic experience

The consumption of the extra virgin olive oil Gaulos is a gastronomic experience. In raw, each olive oil presents its differences and nuances, guiding us through a passage of flavors and aromas. In addition, each variety is especially recommended for cooking certain types of dishes. Discover the flavors of Gaulos, the flavors of the Mediterranean.

Meet Rusetta

The typical Ligurian spring biscuit, 100% vegan, 100% delicious!

“Belberry Terrines Gourmandes” Red Onion & Raspberry

“Belberry Terrines Gourmandes”, an innovative concept based on fruit, vegetables, wine or mustard, that will ensure the finishing touch to all your culinary creations.

Have a little bite of Belgium

Since 1992, Les Maîtres is all about authenticity and sensory delight. Our artisanal products will entice your nose, delight your taste buds and fill your mouth with a myriad of flavours. Biscuits, nougat, gingerbread, chocolate, ... everything is brought to the table with passion.


Chicken Sausage / Chicken Sausage Chile 100 % CHICKEN

Snack healthy and rescue vegetables with Wonky

Located in the heart of Europe (Bruges-Belgium) Syros is specialized in import, production and distribution of high-end niche products for European industry, foodservice and retail. We are a family company active in the world of fruit for over 25 years. Our offer consists of avocado products, lime, lucuma and a range of and salsas for retail and foodservice.

GAEC de la Galotière: Organic Calvados aged for 15 years in oak barrels

Our Calvados bio 15 years is a blend of Calvados over 15 years in oak barrels. Intense copper color, this calvados develops a very powerful nose of apple, aromas of caramel and red fruits, it is also very powerful and the taste stays very long in the mouth. Come and discover him at Cideris on stand 690i and on

Churros loop ready to eat

only 4 ' in the oven or in the toaster, white sugar, enjoy


Spanish baguette Campesino Gourmet

Agropošta: Direct from nature to you

What is Agropošta, you might ask yourself? Syrups prepared with fruit and plants picked in the wild. Trust us, it doesn’t get more natural than that.

Shortcrust tartlets

Pidy Gourmet has 3 new flavours in their tartlet range 8.5 cm. These 3 flavours are speculoos, chocolate and black cacao. Come and taste these 3 excellent flavours during the Tavola exhibition, booth number 132.

Rhubarb juice

NEW! Villa Rucola – Farmers Cheese with Rucola

Villa Rucola is a Dutch cheese Gouda-style made on a local farm of thermised cow’s milk. In the cheese making process rucola, fenugreek and coriander is added.


Flammkuchen conquers the Belgium Market, a new phenomenon has been born!

Modern and premium packaging for Espelette Chili products of SEGIDA

SEGIDA, producer of the French Spice Espelette Chili Pepper PDO, has recently developped a new packaging for their whole productrange. We wanted to create a packaging that appeals to modern consumers and at the same time corresponds with the premium quality of our products ' . The new packaging is available for the Espelette Chili powder in 40 gr glass jarr, Espelette Chili Mash, in 90 gr glass jarr, and Espelette Chili Jelly, in 100 gr glass jarr. The new packaging is aimed for distribution through premium gourmet shops , retail stores, hotels and restaurants.

Rhum Sainte-Marie

Distillerie Wolfelsberger


Artisan Honey is proud to deliver honey from the best beekeeping areas in the world.

Artisan Honey with wild berries is 100% pure Estonian honey mixed together with freeze dried natural forest-picked lingonberries and blueberries. Adding the powder from the berries into the honey results in a perfect balance of creamy sweet honey and sour berry flavor.

Chinois nature 600gr

Amaretti Morbidi – Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana

POPPEIA launces during la TAVOLA 2018 the Amaretti Morbidi (Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana certificate) A soft Italian organic cookie made of sugar, egg white and Sicilian almonds. The addition of the small almond of the apricot gives this cookie it’s unique enigmatic amaretto taste that makes it a top delicacy recognized and much sought off by every Italian pastry-connoisseur. Freshly produced and alcohol-free, it keeps its aroma, natural moisture and exquisite taste for 1 month (summer) to 1,5-2 months (winter) To discover and taste at the POPPEIA Cibi Italiani con passione booth 4207B

Blond Sherry Cask Beer


FAR Jamones y Embutidos

Specialists in Jamon Serrano and Spanish cured sausages

The boxes "ready-to-sell" Infusions-Thés laGrange

The entire signature collection has been devised and adapted to the market. Inspired by an emotion, a memory, a theme, a region, a seasonal fruit or even a mood or a temper, the original La Grange range reveals the colour of your personality. From the most classic to the most daring, the simplest to the most precious, La Grange’s signature teas and infusions are moments of pleasure to be enjoyed, alone or with friends, daily, depending on the moment, you wishes or your mood...

LODYN! Pure goat cheese rich in Omega 3 and Antioxidants. NEW!

Lodyn is a pure goat cheese, with a compact and creamy paste of white-ivory colour. Produced following “The Lodyn-milk method”, which consists in ensuring that goats naturally produce a milk rich in omega 3 and antioxidants (selenium), thanks to a controlled feed of the natural grass and the introduction into their diet of our patented dietary supplement produced with vegetable ingredients. So we get our milk in a completely natural way, without additives.


Trendy sausage with Macchiato twist

The new Evlier Macchiato mix is completely in line with the coffee hype.

Llewellyn's Premium Irish Apple Cider Vinegar/ Balsamic Cider Vinegar

Two new gems from the Emerald Isle - Ireland! Discover the natural cider vinegar and the balsamic cider vinegar of Llewelyns' Orchard. Where is spring, where are those salads? Visit Cideris on stand 690i and visit our website

Damen coffee

Peeled dried apple, Dried beetroot, Dried carrot

Peeled dried apple - each of the products has it`s own, unique qualities. Peeled dried apple is a snack which can be described by natural taste and scent. Peeled dried apple with cinnamon - rusty colour of the apples enhances it’s sweet and spiced taste. Dried beetroot - it`s sugary taste makes it great for a snack and excellent additive for soups and other dishes. Dried carrot - intensive orange color of this snack encourages for tasting it – sweet dried carrot is just perfect for the desserts and pastries.

La Confiance, a unique Belgian speculoos


“Belberry Terrines Gourmandes” Whole Grain Mustard

“Belberry Terrines Gourmandes”, an innovative concept based on fruit, vegetables, wine or mustard, that will ensure the finishing touch to all your culinary creations.


Les Vergers de la Silve introduces you its latest NON ALCOHOLIC sparkling apple juice. Presented in a 37,5cl champagne bottle, this drink is made for all your festive evenings, events, celebrations, cocktail parties.

Chips Superbon

Superbon selects remarkable daily products. In Superbon’s world true quality and respect are our only basic values. Superbon chips are made in Madrid. More precisely in the heart of planet chips: La Chueca. Crispy and full of potatoe taste. Just a pinch of salt. That’s all. No other stuff added.

De Beauvoorder Paté Concours

The Beauvoorder Paté Creators since 1934 have invited the butcher's schools to participate in a big competition for the "Paté Creators of the future"! Come and taste the pâté of the future at De Beauvoorder in hall 6 - stand 629.

KUU-tube: the art of flavours in a tube.

Surprising and extraordinary flavours of handmade jam in a handy aluminium tube to pimp your meal and dish according to your own preference for taste. The art of flavours in a tube: eating and having dinner becomes a creative happening.


This exceptional wine is an assemblage made in collaboration with Luca Martini recognized the greatest sommelier of the world in 2013.

JanisFarm natural vegetable / berry / fruit powders

JanisFarm, produces and distributes 100% natural berry and hemp products. Is appreciated by many Michelin restaurants in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.

SEGIDA wins Silver medal at the international agricultural tradeshow in Paris 2018.

Bocquillon, the taste of tradition - powered by Lanciers

The Bocquillon label stands for an exquisitely tender, flavour-packed piece of beef, slightly marbled, bright red, healthy due to its outstanding well-balanced Omega 6/ Omega 3- ratio, and moreover losing less moisture compared to most other beef sorts. Bocquillon’s exceptional high-rated quality is the result of a specific animal’s nutrition based on local grass as well as rapeseed obtained from first, cold pressing.

Spanish baguette express

Acorn-Fed 100% Ibérico Ham "Alta Expresión"

Bubble Cheese what flavor with your wine?

We can not buy happiness. However one can buy bubble cheese flavors and it's almost the same.


SEGIDA wins golden medal for best tasting Espelette Chili pepper PDO 2017

For 20 years SEGIDA has been a producer of the very aromatic spice Espelette Chili peper PDO, in Ainhoa, Basque Country. In december 2017. SEGIDA won a golden medal for best tasting Espelette Chili powder PDO among 56 other producers.

Oil U need is Ucook

Ucook is a quality mark for sauces, dressings, and marinades.

Duck Foie Gras,with Yuzu zest and Gentian liqueur


Discover the new Gran'Tapas TZATZIKI prepared with Greek yoghurt

Gran'Tapas tzatziki 800g, prepared according the the traditional recipe with 60% Greek yoghurt and 30% crunchy cucumber dices.


Come and meet our newest cheese - the Brugge Comtesse

Within our range of Brugge Cheese, we recently added our latest cheese, the Brugge Comtesse.

“Belberry Terrines Gourmandes” Sauternes Wine

“Belberry Terrines Gourmandes”, an innovative concept based on fruit, vegetables, wine or mustard, that will ensure the finishing touch to all your culinary creations.

Chicken Filet / Chicken Filet with garden Herbes

Pure Nature Beer & Wine Bonbons

Pure Nature Chocolates has developed in-house a process to isolate flavours from alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine, but also from port wine, sherry, gin tonic, ...

Focaccia Umbra Europizza

This variety of focaccia is ready to serve with a topping of your choice after 2 minutes of heating in a frying pan or toaster. Just natural ingredients, only 1% fat, easily digestible, no refrigeration necessary, airy, thin and pre-cut.

BRASVAR, the best porc

Rediscover the quality of pork

Salt Of Hearts

Salt of Hearts springs from the idea of sparing the salt without sparing the flavour. Most of us love salt, but it's a fact many of us eat too much of it. Salt of Hearts is a natural flavor enhancer and contains only 15% salt. Less Salt, more flavour!

new creations in the world of cheese

Op Tavola stelt De Kaasboer enkele heerlijke nieuwe kaascreaties voor waaronder Gentenaer, BoerJan en Rosse Jeanette.

CRAZY ABOUT COFFEE - Grootmoeders Koffie


Monsieur Cocktail


Malus Danica from Cold Hand Winery- Danish Apple Ice Wine

This apple ice wine is obtained by "cryoconcentration", a process in which the most is concentrated by first freezing them and then slowly thaw back. Malus Danica is a very intense apple wine with a complex fragrance bouquet. In the mouth she is first sweet, followed by long acids and one exceptional aftertaste. Combines well with cheese, desserts, foie gras and chocolate Come and discover them at stand 690i at Cideris. And on

Coffee capsules laGrange

Domaine Labranche's liqueurs

The Domaine Labranche includes a maple shack, a cider mill and a winery, where liquor is now produced from the fertile lands of St. Isidore, where you’ll find unique products that highlight the uniqueness of Quebec lands.


Villa Fumé

Delicious smoked cheese made on a Dutch local farm. Matured for 3 - 4 months. Really creamy, slightly spicy and with a true natural smoke flavour. Highly recommended!

Sharing is caring: Gran'Tapas Pick'it & Dip'it

The Gran'Tapas PICK'IT antipasti platters consist of 3 different mediterranean specialties to share. In the DIP'IT sharing platters you will find a mediterranean dip combined with a crispy dipper such as mini bruschetta or grissini sticks.

Innovation in the Gouda segment: Landana Jersey Gouda

Abavas Medium Cider

The Abavas producers use modern wine-making techniques, which means that their ciders are closer to sparkling wines. This surprising and refined cider from Latvia has a perfect balance of flavor between sour and sweet. This cider is ideal as an aperitif, but certainly also with appetizers and poultry. Come and discover them at booth 690i. Take a look at

Biostee, organic cheese of 3 farmers!

Biostee is an organic cheese made of cow’s milk. The cheese is developed by three farmers working together by sharing land, crops and fertilizers to create the best organic crops, milk and cheese.

Pur Natur high protein yogurt and fromage frais

Pur Natur's delicious yogurt and fromage frais are now also available with a higher protein content.


3/4 Oz : tonic & Syrups

3/4 OZ. specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality natural syrups for cocktail preparation. Its syrups are distributed in North America and Europe.