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Inspiration Tour (13/3) - Ecosystem West Flemish Food industry


Tavola takes place in a region where the agro food industry is leading worldwide. When it comes to productivity innovation, cooperation and entrepeneurship in agro food the region belongs to the cream of the crop. 

During this road trip you will be introduced to the assets of the local ecosystem. The start and end is at entrance “XPO ZUID” of Kortrijk Xpo, which makes it perfectly compatible with your visit to the trade fair Tavola.



PROGRAM - Tuesday March 13 (8h30 - 14h30)

 8h20       meeting point at entrance Xpo Zuid of Kortrijk Xpo

 8h30       departure

 9h00       visit REO - Fruit and Vegetable auction

10h30       visit Inagro - agricultural and horticultural research institute

12h15       visit House of Foods (lunch included)

14h30       arrival at Tavola



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