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Which innovative products will be on your plate tomorrow?

Golden Tavola competition awards the companies Sopraco, Bleuzé-Interfood and R&D Food Revolution

New flavours, surprising product combinations, other applications, original consumption moments, etc. The Golden Tavola competition awards the best innovations in the food industry and helps determine what will be on the consumer’s plate or in their glass tomorrow.

This competition is organized on the occasion of Tavola, the trade fair of fine and fresh food, which has taken place in Kortrijk Xpo every two years since 1982. In 2016, once again 17,000 professionals from the retail and wholesale sector, specialty shops and catering organisations from over 30 countries are expected at Tavola – the finest food fair in continental Europe.

STRICT SELECTION with two jury rounds
The Golden Tavola competition consists of two stages. Initially, 3 different buyers evaluate the f innovation based on argument and a product sample. This is followed by a thorough judging with tasting, where all aspects of the product or concept are evaluated carefully. For this edition, 107 products were submitted by 67 different manufacturers. After the first screening, 50 products continued the competition for the coveted Golden Tavola.

The final jury consists of buyers, managers from the gastronomy industry, advertising, product and brand development and members of the trade press. For this final stage in 2016, Tavola could rely on the professional judgement and enthusiastic participation of: Thierry Cattoir - Remarkable & STIMA, Peter Coucquyt - Foodpairing, Michiel De Bruyn – Belgocatering; Filip De Buck - Huis Van Wonterghem, Anthony de Rooij - Sligro, Sosthenes Dekeyzer - Slagerij Aula, Klaas Fremaut - Focus Advertising, Peter Hoeks - ISPC, Michel Jenquin - Colruyt, Jan Prinsen - Belgian Fresh Food Institute, Nicolas Ramon - Rob The Gourmets’ Market, Alexandre Terlinden - Delitraiteur, Joost Van Opdorp - Storecheck, Stefan Van Rompaey - Retail Detail, Patrick Verhamme - Delhaize Belgium, Robert Wickerhoff – Wickerhoff, Alexis Wyngaerden - Carrefour Belgium.

They choose the winner of the Golden Tavola and two nominees in four sections. Not only flavour is decisive here; also criteria such as innovation, packaging, marketing, environmental friendliness and sustainability play a role in the judging.

Food finds its way to our plates via various channels. The criteria for innovation are different depending on the channel within which the product is sold. A supermarket uses other criteria than for example a deli or catering company. The Golden Tavola takes this into account and divides the competition into 4 different categories.

12 LAUREATES: 4 winners and 8 nominees
Consumers can expect some strong new products anytime soon. The 12 laureates are great products that will reach the consumers via various channels. Depending on the trophy they won, that will be in the deli (Golden Tavola Delicatessen) or in self-service in the supermarket (Golden Tavola Retail). There is also a range of products that is sold ready-to-eat, or still to be prepared or further processed in the food service channel (Golden Tavola Foodservice) and products offered in traditional services, e.g. at the butcher, caterer or the cooled counter in the supermarket (Golden Tavola Traiteur).

All products that reached the second jury round will be exhibited in the central Rambla and serve as a perfect base for the visitors to discover the finest innovations of Tavola. In hall 5, the three best products in each category are presented and visitors are given the opportunity to taste them. Visitors of the trade fair can vote for one of the 12 award-winning products. After Tavola 2016, the product that is given the highest rating by the visitors receives the Golden Tavola audience award.


The winners of the Golden Tavola 2016 are:


Winner Golden Tavola Retail 2016:
Sopraco’s Veal bacon

In 2015, as part of the consumer health awareness, Sopraco introduced a salted and smoked veal bacon under its own brand Paul’s Meat. Modern packaging, fine veal, healthy fats, a lower salt level, easily digestible, leaner and with the traditional taste of bacon. The veal is derived from own-raised calves in the Belgian Kempen. The animal feed, the slaughterhouse and the meat processing are also integrated in the Sopraco supply chain. A 100% traceability and guarantee of origin is provided. The lean parts of the flank breast are 100 % dry-salted and the salt is applied by hand. After a process of curing, the bacon is shaped and salted on beech wood. The product is packed in 2 types; slices of 100 grams and lardons (stripes) of 200 grams. An extra advantage of the veal bacon is that people who don’t want to or cannot eat pork can enjoy the delicious taste of bacon.

More Info: Sopraco, Geel – stand 6111

Tel +32 (0)14 584 511 –



1st nomination Golden Tavola Retail 2016: BelOrta’s Flower Sprout®

The Flower sprout is a cross between sprouts and kale. These green-purple mini kales are characterised by their curly leaves and crunchy bite. In contrast to traditional sprouts the Flower sprout has a much softer taste and looks more frivolous. The purple veins and fancy dark green leaves make this vegetable a feast for the eyes. This new vegetable is extremely suitable for stir-fry dishes. Flower Sprouts also fall within the superfoods category. They are actually perfect for use in smoothies

More Info: BelOrta, Sint-Katelijne-Waver – stand 132

Tel +32 (0)15 551 111 –




2nd nomination Golden Tavola Retail 2016: Nikita’s Duo Snack


Duo-snack is a fresh and light snack based on a yoghurt and a grain product. It's healthy and nice because of its 2 layers: on top there's a tabbouleh, quinoa or quinori, and below is a fresh yoghurt, and finished off with a sweet topping. Nikita offers 3 types: Tabbouleh Tropical with coconut yoghurt, Quinoa Cranberry with coconut yoghurt, Quinoa&rice with Greek yoghurt.


More Info: Nikita, Herk de Stad – stand 202

Tel +32(0)13 55 31 18 –




inner Golden Tavola Delicatessen 2016:
Bleuzé-Interfood’s Shrubs by Ediks


Shrubs by Ediks are drinking fruit vinegars. They are 100% natural without colorants or flavour enhancers. The Shrubs are free of any addition expect for the natural sugar from the fruit. Shrub drinking fruit vinegars can be served as a refreshing drink, used as a natural condiment in cocktails or in desserts or used as a cooking aid. Shrubs are the perfect alternative for soft drinks and are the proof that a 100% natural drink can be delicious and durable.


More info: Bleuzé-Interfood, Kontich - stand 184

Tel +32 (0)3 450 93 11 –



1st nomination Golden Tavola Delicatessen 2016: Didess’ “We Love Biscuits’ Collection”

On the occasion of their 20 years of existence, Didess has created new biscuits: the ‘We Love Biscuits’ Collection.

The unique feature of these exclusive biscuits is that they are ultralight (130 gr = +- 120 pieces). The biscuits are made of friand batter, with real butter, almond paste and free range eggs. They come in the flavours raspberry, pistachio, chocolate, almond. Delicious with coffee and tea, but also very nice to decorate desserts.


More info: Didess, Lille – stand 135

Tel +32 (0)14 55 35 20 –




2nd nomination Golden Tavola Delicatessen 2016: Altoni Kelderman’s Stoemp Krokant

Society is changing, habits are changing, consumer demands and the relationship with our food is changing. And at quite a rapid pace. Food used to play a functional role. Now, food is hot and has obtained an emotional charge. Innovations in food are often inventive but often much too complicated at the same time. Time to return to the essence of our food. Simple, honest and with a clear message in which an individual ingredient plays the central role. The potato has been the centre of our diet for hundreds of years. ‘Stoemp Krokant’ puts this wonderful raw material in the limelight. The crispy potato balls, filled with stew, are available in a number of variations, ranging from Bintje parsnip to truffle potatoes with shiitake. Less meat and more vegetables, that is the mission. With Stoemp Krokant, we present Belgian stew in an innovative way. Power to the potato!


More info: Altoni Kelderman, Schoten – stand 4109

Tel +32 (0)3 685 24 52 - &


Winner Golden Tavola Foodservice 2016:
R&D Food Revolution’s Cocktail Foam

People are fond of drinks with foam. How about a fresh beer with a delicious collar of fine foam, or a cappuccino with whipped milk foam? We are lackting this sensation in the world of cocktails. 

Now, it is available in an endless range of Cocktail Foams based on the latest flavour combinations: lime, coriander, yuzu, cucumber, but also based on famous beverage types such as rum, gin, sangria, vodka, Cointreau, tequila and Pina colada. Cocktail Foam can be sprayed cold on your cocktail, but for a spectacular hot-cold mouthfeel, it may be even more exciting to serve the foam lukewarm. We recommend heating the can au bain-marie at 50°C.


More info: R&D Food Revolution, Gierle – stand 135

Tel +32 (0) 14 55 35 20 –  



1st nomination Golden Tavola Foodservice 2016: Bladerdeeg Vanmarcke’s puff pastry sheets with print design, frozen


Quite surprising are the puff pastry sheets with creative print design. Through baking paper (transfer method) a print is transferred to the puff pastry. This technique – known in the world of chocolate- offers caterers numerous possibilities to create a unique print. The possibilities are extremely diverse: business logo, seasonal theme, accent dish, etc. and ensure a unique visual effect after baking.



More info: Bladerdeeg Vanmarcke, Kuurne – stand 1152

Tel +32 (0)56 71 55 02 -



 2nd nomination Golden Tavola Foodservice 2016: De Laet & Van Haver’s Black pudding terrine with Tongue

Black Pudding: a simple dish elevated to a higher level. This is the best way to describe the culinary black pudding terrine.

The product can be easily cut in 2-cm slices to be baked afterwards. 

Perfect as a starter or as side to a main dish and to be combined with forest mushrooms, scallops, foie gras. On a main course as companion of game, pork cheeks or sweetbreads.


More info: De Laet & Van Haver, Hove – stand 6129

Tel +32 (0)3 455 26 74 –




Winner Golden Tavola Traiteur 2016:

R&D Food Revolutions's Pickles (Picalilli) 

Piccalilli …that is the yellow jar with sour pickles and cauliflower, right? Indeed, that is the basis for R&D Food Revolution’s new piccalilli cream. However, instead of the yellow jar, all colours and flavours are now available. We released Albert Adrià’s knowhow on our famous Belgian piccalilli and ended up with a stunningly delicious and original product. Albert Adrià has incorporated the typical world flavours and herbs of his restaurants in our original Belgian recipes, which is why we name the various flavours after the names of Albert’s restaurants:  “Pakta”, “Tickets”, ”Bodega 1900”, “Niño Viejo” and ” Hoja Santa”. In short, new taste sensations for chefs! This piccalilli cream can be used or processed in various ways. Straight from the jar as a dip, as a cream on Tasty Bites or in combination with crispy fried vegetable slices. The piccalillis are also very suitable to enrich your dishes with flavour bombs or to put mayonnaise to taste.


More info: R&D Food Revolution, Gierle (B) – stand 135

Tel +32 (0) 14 55 35 20 –


1st nomination Golden Tavola Traiteur 2016: Chicken Masters of Belgium’s chicken cakes


An ancient English classic processed in a fresh new look: the chicken cake.
The silicone cupcake mould is filled with a stuffing of 100% minced chicken enriched with a mix of fresh vegetables finished with various purees and their garnish. The cupcakes themselves are prebaked for extra convenience. Consumers may choose among various preparation methods: in the oven or microwave. They come in 3 flavours: carrot, cheese and spinach.


More info: Chicken Masters of Belgium – stand: 4146

Tel +32 (0)9 381 54 81 –



2nd nomination Golden Tavola Traiteur 2016: De Laet & Van Haver’s Dolce Zero


A quirky approach to carpaccio with a hint of praline and coffee. Ideally combined with a foie gras terrine or fried foie gras. For the discerning chef a challenge to serve with dessert or coffee. Some chefs already succeed in associating  successfully match this meat with chocolate! 


More info: De Laet & Van Haver, Hove (B) – stand: 6129

Tel: +32 (0) 3 455 26 74–  




Tavola 2016: trade fair for fine and fresh foods
Sunday 13th , Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th  March 2016
Kortrijk Xpo – Doorniksesteenweg 216 – 8500 Kortrijk
Access is reserved for professionals in the food industry only.


For further information regarding Golden Tavola:
Isabelly Fruy- +32(0) 56 24 11 36 –


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